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Chicken Tempura Roll । Best Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll Recipe

Best ever crispy and delicious Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll Recipe

Sushi is one of the most delicious dishes in Japanese cuisine. It is so versatile that you can eat it with literally any vegetable and meat as a filling. Today’s article is inspired by classic chicken tempura in a sushi roll. Yes, we are talking about the mouth-watering and best chicken tempura sushi roll recipe.

Since we are talking about a tempura-battered chicken in a sushi roll, most of the common issues that many people face are now to make the batter perfect to stick to the batter and crispy after a long time of frying. We will discuss a few simple ingredients that will make you an expert in making tempura with our fool-proof recipe.

Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

Honestly, our chicken tempura sushi roll recipe is very easy to make and perfect for a sushi dinner party, date night, and even for you to have alone. Most importantly, you can add your spin to these sushi rolls and enjoy them according to your preference. So why wait, let us make the best chicken tempura sushi roll ever!

Components of the Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll recipe

Usually, the sushi roll has three main components to focus on. Many people may debate that the sushi roll may have two main components, but since we are using chicken tempura in the sushi filling, the tempura itself is a great component to discuss. So let us discuss the components in detail:

The idea of custom filling is perfect if you are throwing a sushi party. Just have family and friends around, let them make their sushi, and enjoy the laughter and quality time together.

Ingredients’ Breakdown For Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll recipe

For Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll

Chicken Breast: The main ingredient for the chicken tempura is the chicken. We are using the skinless, boneless chicken breast and cutting them into about an inch thick strips. You can use chicken thigh too, but we think the texture of the chicken breast is firm and perfect for Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll recipe. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

Cake Flour: We use cake flour for the tempura batter instead of plain all-purpose flour because of the levitating agents already present in cake flour. You do not have to add extra baking powder and baking soda to the flour. Usually, the ratio of the levitating agent is what makes the tempura either oil or soft, or soggy. In the cake flour, the ratio is well balanced, and it gives you perfect texture all the time.

Corn Starch: The corn starch also adds an element of crispiness and lightness to the batter. It also gives the batter light yellow and gold color when fried. Honestly, the appearance is so delicious and appetizing that you will not stop your mouth from watering. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

Egg: Egg is essential for the consistency of the batter. It gives that stable texture to the batter and works as a raising agent too. Thus, you get a sticky batter with an airy texture you love in tempura.

Oil: Oil is another element that helps in making the batter light. The oil pocket within the batter gives pockets of air when fried in the hot oil. Thus, crispy, airy texture over the chicken.

Sprinkling club soda: The sprinkling club soda is the main ingredient that makes the batter smooth and airy. The soda reacts with all levitating and raising agents in the flour and helps make the light and airy batter for a long after frying.

Salt and Black pepper: It is important to season the batter with salt and pepper since chicken is plain and has no extra spice. Black pepper will give an extra zing to the chicken. At the same time, it is so mild that we love it with other elements in the sushi.

Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll

For Rolls :

Sushi Rice: Sushi rice is again the main component of the dish. We are using white Japanese sushi rice, to be specific. You will see that it has a good amount of starch, stickiness, and a bite to it. The texture of the rice all depends on the method of cooking.

If you are using a rice cooker, you have a pre-setting that does not require any extra work, but if you are cooking the rice over the stove, you must rinse them, boil them, and steam them properly. It might be a lot of work but totally worth it. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

Rice vinegar: Rice vinegar helps you season the rice properly. It also gives the rice even seasoning since it can get sticky.

Sugar: We are using sugar to season the rice. You must be thinking that it will sweeten the rice but not that much; the sweetness will later balance out with the tempura, mayonnaise, and vegetable fillings.

Low-sodium Soya Sauce: Another important condiment to season the rice. We are using low-sodium soya sauce because of the extra salt in the tempura and mayonnaise in the filling.

Spicy Mayonnaise: The spicy Japanese mayonnaise is a delicious, spicy, and salty condiment that works perfectly with fresh vegetables, rice, and tempura. It gives a creamy texture and extra zing too.

Carrot: Carrot will give crunch and color to the sushi roll with its earthy flavor too.

Celery stalk: The celery stalk also gives color, crunchy texture, and unique savory flavor to the sushi.

Green onions: Green onions are must to have in sushi; it has a unique peppery flavor that is divine.

Cucumber: Cucumber is an element of freshness and crunchy texture for sushi. It also balances the flavors in the sushi. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

Nori sheets: Nori sheets are the main basic that encapsulate the filling and rice. It may have no flavor, but the texture plays well with the soft rice and crunchy filling.

Sesame Seeds: We are using sesame seeds for garnish. They are little crunchy pockets of sesame goodness and look beautiful over the sushi too.


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Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll

The Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 55 minutes

Servings: 4 Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

Ingredients : 

For Chicken Tempura

For Rolls

Methods For Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll

  1. Wash the sushi rice and cook in a rice cooker or on the stovetop according to the instruction on the rice packaging. It is recommended to boil the rice for 30 minutes and steam them for 10 minutes afterward. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe
  2. Once the rice is cooked, let them cool at room temperature for 11 minutes. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe
  3. Meanwhile, dissolve sugar and soya sauce in rice vinegar. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe
  4. Pour the rice vinegar mixture over the rice and mix with a wooden spoon, and set aside. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe
  5. In a large frying pan, pour enough oil for heat frying and heat it at low to medium heat. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe
  6. Now, in a large mixing bowl, mix flour, corn starch, salt, and pepper. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe
  7. Add eggs to the flour mixture along with oil and soda. Mix well until the tempura batter is smooth and airy. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe
  8. Dip the chicken strips in the batter and fry the battered chicken in the oil for 3 to 5 minutes or until golden and crispy.

9. Fry all the chicken strips and set them aside. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

10. Now, cover the sushi mat with cling wrap and place a nori sheet over it.

11. Spread out the seasoned sushi rice over the nori sheet with the help of a wooden spoon or by hand.

12. Place the tempura chicken, cucumber, celery, carrot, and green onion on one side about ½ inch away from the edge. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

13. Spread out a small dollop of mayonnaise over the filling and start rolling it into a sushi roll with the help of a sushi mat. Try to have a tight roll.

14. Cut the roll into bite-sized pieces with a sharp knife.

15. Sprinkle the sesame seeds over the top. Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

16. Serve fresh with soya sauce, wasabi, and spicy mayo on the side. Enjoy! Chicken Tempura Roll Recipe

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