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Hong Sue Chicken Recipe । Chinese cuisine

Deliciously Mouth-watering Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Hong Sue Chicken is another underrated gem in Chinese cuisine that many of us don’t know about. Since it is not popularized outside China, the Hong Sue Chicken recipe is still new. But believe us when we say it is one of the delicious dishes that must be tried at home or at an authentic Chinese restaurant.

What makes the Hong Sue chicken different from the rest of the Chinese dishes is its sherry-based sauce. Many Hong Sue chicken recipes will call for sherry as a main ingredient for the chicken marination, and many will say it is used in the sauce. Either way, it gives the dish a distinct sweet and umami flavor that will linger on your tongue and keep you coming back for more. Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Sounds intriguing, right? So why search for a restaurant when we have a perfect Hong Sue chicken recipe for you to try today at home. Let us dig in!

Ingredients’ Breakdown

Chicken Thighs: Mostly, the secret of cooking these such saucy chicken dishes perfectly is the cut of meat you are using. The boneless and skinless chicken thighs are preferred cut because it is soft, fatty, and succulent. But you can easily swap the chicken thighs with chicken breast.

Eggs: We are using eggs in making a batter for the chicken. The eggs in the flour batter will make the chicken airy and crispy when cooked. It also helps in holding the flavorings in the chicken we are adding at the time of marination.

Flour: The batter for the chicken is 1 part flour and half part corn starch. The flour will give body to the chicken that will later help in penetrating the sauce.

Corn starch: Corn starch in the batter will make the chicken crispy and light.

Bok choy:  Bok choy is an Asian staple, also known as Chinese cabbage. It is light and crunchy, but when cooked, it gives a delicious earthy flavor. It is also an amazing addition to the dish because it takes on the flavor of the sauce without losing its own earthiness.

Mushrooms: Mushroom is another delicious vegetable that we absolutely love in stir-fries and saucy dishes. The traditional Hong Sue may or may not have mushrooms since it depends on the regional adaptation, but we are using it since it is so good with the sherry-based sauce.

Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Bamboo shoots: Another beloved Asian stable is the bamboo shoots. It is crunchy and has a mouthful feel. It is perfect as an element of crunch in the dish with mushroom, Bok choy, and chicken.

Green Onions: Green onions are must to have in Asian dishes whether you cook them or garnish with them. We are cooked the green onions in the sauce because it releases the oniony and spicy flavor when sautéing in hot oil.

Garlic: Garlic will give the dish a spicy and garlicky kick. It also works as an aromatic in the dish.

Ginger: Ginger is also an aromatic ingredient with an earthy taste. It gives good deep of flavor within the dish.

Dark Soy sauce: Dark soy sauce has a thick consistency with a strong note of sweetness. We are using it as a perfect balance of the sweet to savory flavors in the dish.

Light Soy sauce: Light soy sauce has a thin consistency with an extra salty taste. It gives an intense savory flavor to the dish. You will notice in the recipe that we are not using salt in the sauce because of the light soya sauce. But you can always adjust the salt by adding a little at the end.

Rice Vinegar: Rice vinegar has a sweet and tangy taste. It is so delicious in the sauce and helps in balancing the taste as well.

Sherry: Sherry is the star of the show. All Hong Sue Chicken recipes you will find or try will have sherry in them as the main ingredient. It has a deep nutty flavor that gives the dish a new dimension of flavors.

Honey: Honey will give the dish sweetness and good consistency to the sauce as well.

Red Chili Bean paste: red bean paste is like a wild entry into the dish. It is a bit sweet and spicy with the deep color that we want in the dish.

Black pepper: We are using coarse black pepper for an extra kick to the spicy and earthy flavor in the chicken and the sauce.

Low-sodium Chicken Stock: Since the dish can be salty, we are using low-sodium chicken stock to add the consistency of the sauce, and for extra chicken umami kick, Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Salt: Use the salt in the chicken. You can use it in the sauce as per taste.

Sesame Oil: it will give a deep earthy flavor to the dish.

Vegetable Oil: We are using it for frying the chicken and for cooking the vegetables too.


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Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Servings: 6 Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Ingredients For Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

Method For Hong Sue Chicken Recipe

  1. In a bowl, season the chicken with salt and ½ tbsp of pepper. Set it aside.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix 1 tbsp vegetable oil, flour, corn starch, and eggs. If required, add water for the desired consistency that coats the chicken thoroughly.
  3. Add the chicken to the flour mixture and mix well.
  4. In a wok or a skillet, add the remaining vegetable oil and heat to medium heat.
  5. Drop the battered chicken pieces one to one in the oil and fry until golden and crisp. Take the crispy chicken out and set it aside.
  6. In the same skillet, add mushroom and bamboo shoot. Cook until the mushrooms are brown and the bamboo shoot is tender.
  7. Then add ginger, garlic, red bean paste, and bok choy and sauté for a minute until fragrant.
  8. Now add dark soya sauce, sherry, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and honey to the vegetables and mix well. Bubble it for a minute.
  9. Add chicken stock and remaining black pepper. Cook until the sauce is thick and coats the back of the spoon.
  10. Add crispy chicken to the sauce and toss well.
  11. Serve hot with the rice or noodle and with a sprinkle of sesame seed on the top.
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